A Professional Google Ads Agency based in Bangkok, Thailand

a result driven Google ads agency that strive to develop killer PPC strategies and campaigns driven by customer insights. To dominate this playing field, we build a campaign with compelling ads copy that drive qualified leads you desire backed by strategies that convert. Besides, Google PPC campaigns in cost effective way.

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A Google Ads Service Company

in Bangkok, Thailand with a proven success of PPC campaigns and delivering outstanding results


As Google dominates the world of online advertising, Your customers are consuming products and services online. This poses challenges to many businesses to compete against each other, meanwhile, offering the biggest opportunities to businesses. The primary benefit of ads is that your ads will be prominent on the top of Google’s first page when you pay for the ad space, which results exponential growth in cost effective way.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads in catalog that will boost your eCommerce sales
  • Various SKUs
  • Low CPC, precious target


GDN Ads with banners ads targetting precisely to your audience and remarketing ads
  • Precise GDN Ads 
  • Increase sales
  • Banner that success

Remarketing Ads

Create repurchase and captures interested audience with Remarketing Ads
  • กระตุ้นให้เกิดการซื้อซ้ำ
  • กระจายยอดขายเพิ่มเติม
  • ให้คนไม่สนใจกลับมาอีกครั้ง

Get your ads to show on the top of Google's first page with a killer Google Ads technique

Many businesses invest in online advertising and use a variety of ads networks to convince customers to make purchasing decisions. However, without proper ads strategies and techniques, this can be painful and overwhelming

Utilizing Google Ads Agency for paid ads is the ideal ways to boost your sales exponentially allowing customers to handpick your product/service, while your team expands on things that are crucial for your business. Leaving ads as our duty to achieve success.

We work with your team on creating a result-drive campaign that focus on quality leads through our landing page that allows you to AB Test those pages to that really serve your client’s need. 

Recover sales and entice your customers to complete their purchase with Google remarketing

Many potential customers who might have been interested in your products, abandon their carts and leave a site without completing a transaction. Recovering your lost sales with abandoned cart remarketing via Google ads will help you exponentially increase.

We work with you and your team to know every ins and outs of your business, customer targets, and your strength to capture your precise target audience and increase your conversion healthily. Generating enormous inbound leads that drive actual conversion towards your products/services, utilizing Google Remarketing Ads to your advantage. Focusing on the right communication and tailor customer’s need, handing them the perfect meal that they’re looking for.

Working with a professional Google Ads Agency, we know exactly how to utilizing ads and get the most out of your ads campaign through our specialist guide. We can, win this game.

Maximise your advertising potential with our Google Ads Automation Program

As automation features play a vital role in online advertising, including Google, they offer similar or more remarkable results with less work. In addition, our ads team who specialize in PPC marketing and has a close eye on changes coming to.

Google Ads Automation assists agency in various ways, at Minimice we utilize this mind blowing tools, gaining access into the ways to optimize your campaign 24 hours. Our team of specialist control users customer journey the right way, which automation grants us with the power to exercise this method into the conversion that your business needs. 

Increase Google Ads ROI with Personalization Ads

Personalisation is viewed as the most important future trend for online advertising. This is because consumers are today avoiding internet advertising and skip content that is irrelevant or more likely to distract them from surfing the internet. 

We reach towards the right audience and timing for your brand to squeeze out the most conversion from utilizing ads. Customizing target audience on every prospect of the buyer journey. We develop a strategy that goes along those audience groups and attracting fresh audiences to the beginning of your sales funnel




    Our Google Ads agency based in Bangkok, Thailand has a history of success with ads across different platforms. We’ve helped businesses to overcome the barrier to digital transformation


    Every second, there are millions of searchers entering queries with a specific single keyword or keyword phrases on Google, and they first spot several ads sitting on the top of Google’s first page. In fact, ads can be extraordinarily effective way of driving relevant, quality traffic to your website when your portential customers are seaching for similar products or services your business offers

    Let’s drill down into how Google ads dominate internet advertising ?
    Google offers alternative way to get you ads seen on Google with higher visibility compared to organic results, which your ads will appear in the sweet spot of search result pages. Indeed, Google help you reach even more potential customers with display ads, which appear across a large collection of websites, mobile apps and video content that have patnered with Google

    A detail and well-structure Ads campaign is the key to success

    Personalize Ads will increase your conversion rate more than 10%

    Choosing a right keyword with perfect type of keyword, narrows and increases the conversion rate


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