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A results-driven Google SEO agency that research and understands your business core value to enhance your brand and generate quality leads. As a Leading Google SEO Agency in Bangkok, Thailand, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality services from increasing qualified leads to Google SEO Specialist support throughout your marketing campaign.

We’re a Digital Agency that prides in our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) service with teams of 30+ members of specialists and content enthusiast, we helped our clients via partner grow their revenue to 100M THB. Outperforming all their competitors with a solid SEO strategy and Social Media push.


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Hospital - Niche SEO

E-Commerce - Niche SEO

E-Commerce - Niche SEO

IT Enterprise - Niche SEO

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An SEO agency that secures Rank 1 with the most unique technique to win even the most competitive competitors.

Our SEO Services

SEO has various placement that could gain clicks and traffics toward the creating a success for your business

eCommerce SEO

Generate sales on your website with powerful our eCommerce SEO 

  • Rank No.1 on your SKUs
  • Generate sales sustainably
  • Directly towards target audience
WordPress SEO

Rank 1 for your niche CMS with WordPress SEO that understands

  • WordPress Focused SEO
  • Assist with Yoast SEO
  • Increase numerous sales
WooCommerce SEO

Increase cart numbers on WordPress with WooCommerce SEO Service 

  • Build carts and sales
  • Ranking on page 1 will generate minimum of 150% increase in sales
  • Track every movement
Shopify SEO

Generate high quality leads on website with our Shopify SEO

  • Track info 24 hrs
  • Result-driven
  • Compete in competitive market
International SEO

Expand your business to various countries with International SEO 

  • Plan to dominate the market
  • Tailored solution for that country
  • Specialty for each business and target
SEO Backlink Building

We acquired the largest database of 100% real Thai backlink service

  • 100% Thai Backlink
  • Largest volume on quality backlink
  • High DA and Low Spam Score
Local SEO

If your business have many branches, ranking no.1 on Google Map helps with our Local SEO service

  • Makes GMB easier
  • Ranks on local area
Website Speed Optimization

Website Speed is Google's priority, increase your website speed with us

  • 90+ on PSI
  • A on GTMetrix
  • Load faster than 3 secs.
SEO Content Creation

We provide SEO content service with the highest quality and thoroughly research 

  • Content that attract customers
  • Decrease Bounce Rate instantly
  • Make Google loves us

Get Your Business on The First Page of Google within 90 Days

We help you build your website based on best SEO practices. By using our comprehensive SEO strategies developed from a clear understanding of your business, we will guarantee that you website will rank on Google’s first page for your business industry.

In Minimice, we are confident in our SEO skills and workflow that will recover all bad factors that hurts your website from either a wrong implementation from previous SEO in-house team or SEO agencies that harms your way. With a team of 30+ members, we provide a caring support and a successful campaign throughout the relationship.

Our ways of working, provide you with a full website optimization to create a solid foundation, hence, a bulk increase in ranking for overall websites. We tailor-made all our proposal to go along with your team without disrupting your in-house team, hence, elevating your team to the next level.

We Create a Killer Google SEO Strategy Services

We have developed a killer keyword strategy that derived from our customer’s brand identity and preferred marketing campaigns. Besides, We classify chosen keywords and create killer content with regard to search intent, which effectively bring quality traffic. From analyzing your previous and current SEO foundation to creating a Social Media Signals, creating backlinks, and technical SEO your company needs a skilled agency to tackle all these obstacle, hassle-free. With our adaptive experience throughout the years, have craft our team of specialist into a creative and fast pace members that will sky-rocket your website.

We analyze the possibilities of unhealthy Google crawls or approaches that will hurt your local SEO rankings and leads toward success. 


Work with a team of Technical SEO Enthusiast

At Minimice Group, we value our technical SEO skills and updates on every core aspects. Ranging from implementing Sitemaps, robot.txt and 301 redirect to website speed optimization and Schema Markup are some of the important aspects of creating a solid SEO foundation. We understands Google ( and human) from our established experiences in SEO field and hunger for new knowledge and techniques to strengthen our skills.

The foundation of a great Technical SEO isn’t only ranking on No.1. There’re various search engines in the world that needs optimization, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, and more to come. A successful campaign combines content within the website, backlink strategy, and Social Media Signal to work efficiently.

We start off our SEO campaign through in-depth scans of more than 150 pointers from various tools including Google Analytics to assist us with the best strategy for your business to thrive in this competitive field.

Your website might need a technical analysis from a better Meta data as well as image optimization from caches to improve your website speed such as CSS, HTML, and Javascript which in turn might need to rewrite all the codings or eliminate unnecessary codes implemented.

With our in-depth analysis we will know the best approach for your website with the assist of Google Search Console for a success ranking campaign    

Good SEO builds great brand

A goal of SEO is to maximize the ranking of your overall website and your focus keywords to reach on top of competitors, however, a good SEO offers more than that, it requires a comprehensive UX/UI designs that offers customer value and trust towards the brand. Without one or another, website fails to succeed as great website without customers won’t worth anything. Creating trust on Google and customers is a common goal that all good SEO needs.

Trust is build with various ways such as building quality backlinks with incoming traffic as well as a low bounce rate on your website and content layouts. Building a solid foundation on this part will build trusts from Google and customers.

All being said, SEO requires hard work and dedication to achieve the level of success and trust toward Google and customers. A good SEO agency can make those hard work easy and your team focuses on the things that matters.

Creating a Report that could be monitored 24 hours

We evaluate our KPI and ROI to make sure that your website gain clicks and impressions with a good ranking for the best SEO results. From creating a value content, backlinks, and Social Media push are the keys toward success for your website and online presence. We take pride in our report that adapts toward client needs and detailed on every changes we made and things to improve for your website.

All though reporting is one of the main things that SEO Agency does, we do take pride in our workflow and logged detail that will capture every points of mistake and ways to improve your website in the shining star of your business with transparency and dedication towards success

Some of our Technical SEO plan

On-Page SEO Techniques we use

off-page that we do and recommended



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    Our digital marketing agency with the leading SEO niche based in Bangkok, Thailand, has a history of success with search engine optimization across different platforms.

    We’ve helped businesses to overcome the barrier to digital transformation


    Most frequent questions and answers

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving quantity and quality of traffic to a particular website through organic search engine result pages based on what Google search engine considers most relevant to searchers.

    Google SEO does have various Plaform that could be ranked upon which includes Google Image, Google Shopping, Google Map, YouTube Search, and Voice search

    Doing SEO is one of the crucial methods in Online marketing as quality demands are mostly from Google ranking on one would increase your potential leads as well as branding

    If your business is a high value product or niche that serves a niche market, SEO would be the best online marketing methods for you. As well as B2C products with high demands

    Doing SEO requires minimum of 6 months for ranking to reach it peaks, however, it needs a constant work to cover the market and maintain its rank.

    SEO is a constant working process, without doing so competitors will beat your ranking or changes in algorithm that isn’t comply with Google will effect your position.


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